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After more than a year of being snowed under with family issues and problems, disease, death, presidential election politics and activism -- and all of that, I saw a prompt on Twitter "Share some poetry." I have been spending way too much time after my last project ended (I work as a full time consultant on project-based work). I also would not attempt to make a living at writing.  My topics are not mainstream, my characters are not popular creatures, my styles are, I was told once, too erudite, and use way too many big words.  Ellery would argue.  I have thought, privately for some years, and then publically, that in a hundred years I might be a best-selling author.  Well, considering that most of my novels were written in the 1990's and 2000's, and most of my poetry was written in the 1990's, then I only have 80 years to go.  After sharing some poems (it took me an hour to find in my own archives the poem whose line was haunting me to share), I found myself refocusing.

I am starting again. I have one unfinished novel which was underway last fall when the illnesses and hospitalizations began "A War in Zion".  I have an ongoing stream of poetry which I write by hand in bound books. The open book (open since I went to Australia in 2007) is "Tagesbuch" - day-book, or diary.  I have an unfinished series of novels which I have not worked on since 2001, the first in that series is "Princes of the East", its unfinished sequel is "The Two Empires."  Another work in this same universe (4th century Eastern Roman Empire) called "In the Empire of Hermes" which was aborted suddenly due to my auto accident in November of 2009. I was going to submit it to an anthology called "Last Gasp", which was to be about historical male/male relationships in the context of dissolution of empires or civilizations.

I thought when I wrote "The Confession of Alexandrus Basileus: 334", my first finished novel (2000) that there was a sequel to be had, which I had as a working title "The Hidden Pharoah" which postulated that the death of Alexander III was faked by Egyptian priests using a clever poison, and that he abdicated to pursue a mystical path as a student of the Hermetic mysteries.  I don't think I penned anything beyond a plot summary for that book.

Then there is the Greenlea series.  As of now, not completed in the whole, but with a rather impressive number of books through which I was doing substantial editing for publication on the second.  (See the post on "Got Index" for all of the books and stories.)

I have the daunting task of pulling these stories off Livejournal, which has been sold to a company in Russia.  Not sure where to put them in the social media space, maybe just - here. I pay enough for website space, I might as well.  Or WordPress.  Not settled on it as yet.

So I begin again.  I am thinking I will start with my most recent unfinished work and see what happens.  I have to reread from my last book, "Runaway Deputy" which took me - four years? to finish, after spitting out the previous 20 books in a much shorter timespan.  "War in Zion" has barely started, and promises much greater changes in the world of Ellery and Colson and Greenlea County, which has never quite been what it seems.  The unraveling that began in "The Persistence of Memory", starting with Ellery Cantrell's suppressed memory of an assault in Tucson 15 years before, has erupted into open conflict with enemy so close he did not see him until it was nearly too late.  I could not work on a complex escalation of the plot of this story while I was traveling, working full time in Arizona and doing primary home care.  It wasn't possible.  I wish I had the ambiance of the locale around me now, but I did have the benefit of being there for several months again, which I have not done since the mid 1980's (the time setting of the books).  I did get to go to old and New Morenci, and take a lot of photos.  Morenci has changed profoundly in 30 years.  the Freeport McMoran open pit mine is so enormous that it has engulfed all of what old Morenci once was.  New Morenci now trembles on the verges of this expanding maw.  That is what I remember of it.  I replanted my feet in the locale to help me see what I was writing about, which will help me in edits and final drafts, and in new writing.

I may add an index of all of my completed (and uncompleted) books, both poetry and prose, so I can see a bibliography of it.  I expect most of what I have written (and will write) will go through edits again (maybe not the ones I've printed), because I expect I won't get down to really finishing off the works until I have more free time and am collecting a pension from my day job.  I'm not worried about that, not anymore.  After all, I've got about 80 years to go.


Welcome to my Blog

Nov 1, 2015

I am hoping some of you from Facebook and other social media find their way here.  If you click "About the Author" you will see some of my biography and background.  If you look below you will see a few blog posts on this site.  Most of my late-breaking updates are posted on my Livejournal site, where I have open to the public my work in progress.  I usually write about a chapter a week, because I am travelling for work, looking after a family member with health problems, and work 40 hours a week.  It's a busy life.  But a small but significant portion of it I devote to my novel series, "Tales of Greenlea County" and the latest work in progress is based on political and social history of Arizona as I knew it in the 1980's, looking backward.  I write detective fiction: what I am best at are histories and mysteries, and as you can see elsewhere, I have written several other historical novels about great figures in military history, and two books set in the 19th century centering around the Romantic composers.  It's an eclectic mix: but I didn't choose the topics - they chose me. What they have in common are the nature of their main characters:  Ellery and Colson from Greenlea are gay men, one of them 'out' and the other, a reluctant and mostly closeted gay man still coming to grips with his sexuality and his previous life as a married man and father.  Working backwards, the main character of "Death of a Mad Composer" is based on the historical figure of Robert Schumann, also a married father whose secret and not-so secret life of affairs with other musical talents of his time is told symbolically in "Death" but more overtly in the series of short stories I broke off from that work and told in the first person, "The Erotic Etudes."  Both the first book of Greenlea and The Erotic Etudes are in print paperback and available here, on Lulu, and on Amazon and other online book vendors. 

Prior to this, I wrote a long work which is meant to be one of a series, "The Confession of Alexandrus Basileus: 334", a story of six weeks in the March Upcountry of Alexander the Great, which details his struggle with leadership and his love for his second in command, Hephaestion.  My first completed novel (2001), it was complete and available online before Michael Crichton wrote his now-poorly-reviewed screenplay for "Alexander". I could have written a far better screenplay for it, and I tried to get some tutoring in screenwriting in 2001, but like everything else, work took precedence - paying work, that is.  The book remains, I did not get a publisher for it despite trying, and I took it to my website.

My first fiction effort, which has been extensively edited and of which I am now very proud, is the first of a trilogy, "Princes of the East" which is based on the life of Attila and his brother Blesda.  I have spoiled the secret of that story elsewhere in my interview with Elin Gregory, but suffice it to say, it is told as the story of an intersex female who grew up as male; which is sort of the mirror image of my own reality: I am an intersex female who grew up as female - sort of.  Despite the military frame of this story, much of "Princes of the East" reflects more of my own biography than my other work; but that is not why I wrote it.  I have written about 30,000 words of its sequel, but I think that will have to wait until I finish "A War in Zion" because frankly - I am just too busy.

Please peruse my site, and if you wish you can join me on Livejournal:  You no longer need to ask to friend me to see my work in progress, because I've thrown my blog open after 7 years of keeping it restricted.  I hope you might find something worth buying, and it will help my pocketbook if you do.  And please feel free to comment, either on Livejournal or on Facebook.

Thank you for reading,


E. Louise Van Hine

lvanhine on Twitter

louisev on Livejournal


Runaway Deputy - Chapter 91 Wayne Confesses

But - did Wayne actually do anything except what Wayne always does, which is "I ain't gonna say no!"


Maybe he should have.


Further on my Livejournal I give an explanation of why it took such an inordinately long amount of time and attention to get to chapter 91, which is the climax of the book.

 Tourmaline, First Limited Edition Paperback, Signed and numbered, copies #32-51

And yes, there IS a promotion, on this site, for the 20 limited edition copies of "Tourmaline", signed, stamped, and numbered with my thanks.  Please understand that in registering with my Zoomla shop on, the information you provide is only for the purpose of purchasing items here, it is not shared with anyone else nor will it be used for any promotional or sales purpose. 

And I thank you for your patience in waiting for Ellery to get off his sickbed and talk to me once more!



Runaway Deputy: The Cliffhanger

So former Calico Cat Deputy Junior Forensics expert Reynolds is the only man standing to face a potential killer... when he AND the potential killer confront incoming high-speed rifle fire.  At Memorial Hospital.  At the morgue.  This is all-too-familiar.

Wait - isn't this Ellery, on Tourmaline Road, in his house, facing Justin Worrell and a night scoped high speed rifle?  Is history repeating itself?  Did Lewis Stevens get loose?  Did Justin Worrell come back from the grave?


Somethin's happenin here.... what it is ain't exactly clear.

There's a man with a gun over there

A-tellin me I got to beware.

It's time we stop, child, what's that sound

Everybody look what's goin down....

The Runaway Deputy - the conclusion. up!!

News! Runaway Deputy!

This is a hopeful post - I hope!!! I have actually gotten closer (by inches) to completing the latest (four years in the making) Ellery Cantrell novel, the Runaway Deputy, the transitional book which sees Ellery take over as Interim Sheriff for Wes Brown only the day after discovering the secret of the cigar box:  the keys to a house in Bisbee once inhabited by his great uncle, planned for him by Mephistopheles Cantrell as a bolthole when all hope had fled and no one trusted him any longer.

And now chapter 90 is posted, and will soon be complte.  Yeah, yeah so you've heard THAT before!  Well, this is what happens when I was waiting to see what happened next.  Sometimes - he doesn't tell me. Chapter 89 Chapter 90



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